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Mainframe IT Tiempo completo

por: Nuvit Service (Cualquier parte) creado el: 18 / Septiembre / 2023


Basic knowledge of Mainframe: Must have an understanding of key mainframe concepts and components, such as the z/OS operating system, storage systems (for example, DB2), z/OS commands, network communications, and processing systems transactional.

Mainframe Security: You should have a basic understanding of security in the mainframe environment, including managing users, resources, groups, and permissions (RACF), data protection, encryption, and meeting security requirements.

Mainframe Programming: Must have basic programming skills in the Mainframe environment (JCL Job Control Language).

Curiosity and willingness to learn: The mainframe environment is vast and complex, so it is important to have an attitude of constant learning and a curiosity to explore new technologies and techniques related to the mainframe.

Mainframe system administration: You must have basic knowledge of mainframe system administration, including system resource management, monitoring and maintenance of the operating system.

Python (desirable)

Language Programming Fundamentals: You should have a solid understanding of basic programming concepts such as variables, data types, control structures (conditionals, loops), functions, and error handling. (Desirable)

Python Syntax and Features: You should have a thorough understanding of Python-specific syntax and features. This includes handling lists, tuples, dictionaries, and arrays, as well as using lambda expressions, generators, and decorators. (Desirable)


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