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AWS Database Administrator Tiempo completo

por: Nuvit Service (Cualquier parte) creado el: 09 / Octubre / 2023

AWS Database Administrator

Implementation and Configuration: Configure and deploy Amazon Redshift clusters, defining node sizes, storage configurations, and initial optimizations.

Maintenance and Upgrade: Perform regular Amazon Redshift upgrades to ensure the database is running the latest features and security patches.

Monitoring and Optimization: Monitor Redshift cluster performance, identify bottlenecks, and make adjustments to queries, indexes, and configuration to optimize speed and efficiency.

Data Security: Configure and maintain data security in Redshift, implementing authentication, authorization, data encryption, and other security measures.

Backup and Recovery: Establish and manage backup and recovery strategies to ensure data integrity and availability in the event of failures.

User and Permissions Management: Manage users, roles, and permissions in Redshift, ensuring only authorized individuals have access to data.

Data Loading and Extraction: Manage loading and extraction of data into Redshift from and to external sources, ensuring data consistency and quality.

Space Management: Monitor disk space usage, optimize data allocation to maximize performance, and minimize storage costs.

Automation: Create scripts and use automation tools for tasks like backups, restores, configuration adjustments, and monitoring.

Collaboration with Teams: Work closely with development teams, data analysts, and other departments to ensure Redshift databases meet organizational needs.

Architecture Evolution: Evaluate and propose changes to the database architecture as business needs evolve, ensuring a scalable and efficient infrastructure.

Documentation and Training: Maintain detailed documentation on configuration, processes, and solutions to common problems. Provide training to other team members as needed.

5-7 years of overall industry experience.

2 years of experience with AWS.

1 year of experience with Amazon Redshift.

5+ years of Database design, management, and maintenance.

Experience designing and provisioning databases in AWS.

Experience in Database Query Performance and fine-tuning.


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