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por: Nuvit Service (Cualquier parte) creado el: 25 / Octubre / 2023

This role is responsible for the design and provisioning of network resources. This involves the creation of the VPC, subnets, needed gateways and load balancers, also the configuration of the DNS with Route 53, the network design for third party connectivity. As well this team will help as SRE support for the remaining services (i.e., compute services).

Support reliable, secure, and scalable foundational network for IaaS and PaaS services.

Identify and deploy networking tools to optimize cloud integration with the larger tech stack.

Own data communication systems, including LANs, WANs, and other supporting devices in the network.

Configure, implement, and maintain the cloud network according to the architecture.

Identify and resolve network connectivity issues and outages.

Coordinate with third-party environments for seamless and secure connectivity.

Understand organizational needs and design communication networks accordingly.

Update networks based on scope or requirements.

Provide standards for devices used in the network to be procured from third parties.

Plan and design network architectures for cloud environments, considering aspects like connectivity, redundancy, scalability, and geographical distribution.

Configure and deploy cloud networks, creating virtual networks, subnets, routing, and firewall rules for efficient and secure connectivity.

Implement security measures, such as firewalls, security groups, and network segmentation, to protect communications and cloud resources.

Monitor and optimize network performance, identifying bottlenecks, latencies, and bandwidth issues.

Configure virtual private networks (VPNs) for secure connections between local networks and cloud resources.

Configure load balancing and traffic routing to distribute load between instances and regions.

Use automation tools and scripts to streamline network deployment and management.

Identify and resolve connectivity, performance, and network configuration issues, collaborating with other teams.

Implement network monitoring and logging solutions for real-time visibility into network health.

Perform application and workload migrations to the cloud from a network perspective.

Collaborate with development, security, and systems administration teams for consistent and secure network implementation.

Stay updated on the latest trends and technologies in cloud networking and provide training to team members.

10+ years of overall industry experience.

7+ years of experience in Technology areas (Programming, Infrastructure, Cloud Administration, etc.).

2+ years within Network Engineering.

2+ years as a Cloud Engineer, Cloud SysOps, or Cloud Architect.

CloudFormation experience.

Git-based repositories.

AWS Cloud.

SysOps experience.

Bilingual in English/Spanish.



Gitlab CI or Github Actions.

AWS certified Networking Specialist.

Solutions Architect Associate or AWS SysOps Associate.


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