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Senior Software Architect

A Software Developer is sought to follow the company's software development lifecycle, encompassing the design, coding, configuration, testing, debugging, and documentation of system and application programs. The role involves preparing technical design specifications based on functional requirements and analysis documents, reviewing these documents, and providing feedback. Collaboration with other development staff is crucial to achieving quality and consistency. The developer also participates in architecture, design, and code reviews and maintains operational and system-level documentation.

Follows the company's software development lifecycle for designing, coding, configuring, testing, debugging, and documenting system and application programs.

Assists in preparing technical design specifications based on functional requirements and analysis documents.

Reviews functional requirements, analysis, and design documents and provides feedback.

Collaborates with other development staff to ensure quality and consistency.

Participates in architecture, design, and code reviews.

Develops and maintains operational and system-level documentation.

Creates impactful and detailed design documents, translating requirements into an appropriate system design, and version control of deliverables.

Codes and configures application components and interfaces.

Develops and maintains a good understanding of the application environment.

Analyzes business requirements across multiple business areas, often as a team lead, including the evaluation of application software packages.

Formulates and defines application scope and objectives; devises and modifies procedures to solve business problems.

Designs, analyzes, and supports the company's information technology structure, systems, and processes.

Acquires, designs, implements, and operates the company's information technology resources (e.g., computer hardware, operating systems, communications, software applications, data, databases, etc.).

Deploys, acquires, maintains, and ensures security of information technology assets.

Plans and tests processes to ensure compliance with system requirements, business objectives, security standards, and other technical requirements.

Experience of 5-7 years in similar roles. 

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